Kunstquartier Bethanien
10997 Berlin
Mariannenplatz 2

Way back/auf dem alten Ruckweg

Laufzeit: 01. September 2005 bis 28. September 2005

A goal of the project “Way back”:

The construction presents a fusion (quintessence) of two flats. Entering the construction is likewise a passage into the past by a corridor of memory. The images collected from the sources of memory usually fall in pieces, flow together, blend, so the concession of events becomes broken or modified. Like that the images in the project made from different kind of media, can be combined only when a visitor returns back from the last position inside the construction (the pen).


The simple cartoon screens bound a space, which is consits from two small rooms.
On the left wall of the first room there is a still projection of a landscape. The slide projector is situated in the middle of the room, standing on a video monitor. The video monitor turned back from the image on the wall, with its face to the opposite side. It shows a short film, showing a passage though a flat (kitchen) with an outlet to a balcony.
In the second small space there is a video monitor with a slide projector on it, standing near the right wall. The projection goes to the opposite wall, the face of the monitor turned at the same direction. The image shows an image of a slipping room. The video shows how a figure passes from a toilet room into a corridor.

On a surface outside the screens there are some images, showed architectural plans of living quarters.

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