Samuel Woodburn

Objektnummer: 1381
Fagan: 470
Typ: Sammlermarken
geboren: 1786
gestorben: 1853


Text Fagan Nr. 470:

Samuel Woodburn. 1786 — 1853.
Dealer. 112, St. Martin’s Lane. Sales, Christie’s, Prints, June 5th (8 days), L 3,404 5s. and Drawings, June 16th (10 days), 1854, L 2,624 18s. 6d. Drawings, known as the Lawrence Collection, sold at Christie's, June 4th (5 days), 1860, L 8,992 11 s. 6d. At this sale one hundred and six draw­ings were acquired for the British Museum: L 2,100. Pictures, &c., also at Christie’s, June 9th (2 days), 1860. On May 2nd, 1829, Mr. Woodburn offered to the Trustees of the British Museum a collection of Rembrandt Etchings, which he had purchased from Baron Denon’s executors for 40,000 francs. On April 25th, 1843, he again offered to the nation the whole stock of his prints for L 12,000; they were, however, acquired by Messrs. Smith, of Lisle Street, in 1847. There were four brothers Woodburn - William, Samuel, Allen, and Henry. Respecting Sir T. Lawrence’s Col­lection of Drawings by Old Masters, purchased by Messrs. Woodburn in 1835 for L 16,000, and exhibited in the years 1835 and 1836, see J. C. Robinson, "A Critical Account of Drawings by Michel Angelo and Raffaello, in the Uni­versity Galleries, Oxford, 1870, 8vo. p. xviii.” See No. 131.


Fagan, Luis: Collectors' Marks, London 1883

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