John Talman

Objektnummer: 1602
Fagan: 492
Typ: Sammlermarken

Text Fagan Nr. 492:

John Talman. On March 2nd, 1709/10, he addressed a letter to Dr. Aldrich, Dean of Christ Church, recommending the purchase of the Collection of Drawings, formed by Padre Resta, for Monsignor Marchetti (See No. 575). “Talman resided much in Italy, and made a large collection of prints and drawings, par­ticularly of churches and altars, many of which were done by himself. Mr. Sadler had many altars and insides of churches at Rome, washed by him in their proper colours, and very well executed. In the same manner he drew several of Lord Oxford’s curiosities. A few of his drawings are in the Library of the Antiquarian Society.”


Fagan, Luis: Collectors' Marks, London 1883

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