Nicholas Lanier oder Lanièire

Objektnummer: 1424
Fagan: 569
Typ: Sammlermarken
geboren: 1588
gestorben: 1666

Text Fagan Nr. 569:

These stars are generally found on fine draw­ings, and they have been assigned to Charles I. and Thomas Howard, 23rd Earl of Arundel. It has, however, been ascertained that this is erroneous. They can, with more justice, be attributed to the Laniéres. In L. H. Ten Kate’s translation of Richardson’s “Descrip­tion of Statues, &c., in Italy,” the following passage occurs: “In the reign of Charles I. two brothers Laniére took to England their fine Collection of Drawings . . . . which are known by the large star with eight points or by the small star with five points, stamped on the lower part. The first was the mark of the elder brother, and beside the star was written the name of the master, in the col­lector’s hand, with figures which show the price at which he valued the Drawings. The second figure was always 1, 2, 3, or 4; of which 1, signified a shilling; 2, a half-crown ; 3, a crown ; and 4, a pound sterling; and the first figure denoted value, viz.: 2, 1, signified two shillings ; 1,2, half-crown; 3, 3, three crowns; 3, 4, three pounds sterling; and 10, 4, ten pounds sterling. Nicolas, that was his name, was also collector for the King.” (L. H. Ten Kate’s sale took place in 1732.)
In all probability the drawings with the names of the supposed masters and prices, but without the stars, are from the collection of Nicolas Laniére, an Italian by birth, painter, engraver, and musician, who was appointed by Charles I. to be Inspector of Miniatures. He died in 1646. The drawings with the stars are from his brother’s collection. Charles I., as is well-known, formed a large collection of works of art, but was not long permitted to enjoy his acquisitions. More­ over, one of the first Acts of Parliament, after the execution of the King, was the disposal of the pictures, statues, drawings, etc.
In March, 1648, Parliament ordered Commis­sioners to be appointed to inventory the goods and personal estate of the King and Queen, and appraise them for the use of the public. This Inventory, which is in the British Museum (Dept, of MSS.,H arl: 4898), is a large folio volume of 689 pages. The title is : “An Inventory of the Household Goods, Jewells, Plate, 6 &c., Belonging to the Late King. Sold by Order of the Councill of State, From ye Severall places, and Palaces, following: The Tower Jewell House’s, Somersett House, Whitehall, Greenwich, Wimbleton, Oatlands, Windsor, Hampton Court, Richmond, Sion House, St. James’s, and severall other places. With the severall Contracts made by the Contracters for Sale of the said Goods, &c., From the year 1649, to the year 1652.” The text of the Act was printed in black letter, small folio, with the imprint “Vicesimo sexto, Julii, 1649.” The British Museum copy which appears to be a printer’s proof, has the above date struck out and the manuscript alteration, “passed 4 July, 1649” ; this latter date agrees with Whitelock’s Historical Memorials, 1796, page 412, column 1. Every article was appraised and nothing sold under the fixed price. The names of the purchasers also appear. The sale extended over three years, viz .: 1650 to August 9th, 1653, and realized £ 118,080 os. 2d. Among the chief purchasers we find Philip IV., of Spain, who, through the agency of his Ambassador, Don Alonzo de Cardefias, bought as many pictures, and other precious goods appertaining to the Crown, as, being sent in ships to the Corunna in Spain, were carried from thence to Madrid upon eighteen Mules. (Clarendon’s History of the Rebellion, Oxford, 8vo, 1807. Vol. III, Part I, p. 400). Christina of Sweden purchased the medals and jewels, and some pictures of great price. The Arch­ duke Leopold, then Governor of the Nether­lands, was another principal purchaser. The Duke of Alva, the Cardinal Mazarin, and the Due de Richelieu, purchased many, and like­ wise E. Jabach.
The Collection of Thomas Howard, 23rd Earl of Arundel and Surrey, K.G. (1592-1646) sold at various periods. The Pictures, at Amsterdam, on the 26th of September, 1684. Gems, Drawings, etc., at the house of Mr. Walton, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, in 1685. Another sale of Pictures, Prints, Drawings, Medals, China, etc., which realized £ 8,852 11s.


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Fagan, Luis: Collectors' Marks, London 1883

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