Aimé Charles Horace His de la Salle

Objektnummer: 2020
Fagan: 263
Typ: Sammlermarken

Objektnummer: 2019
Fagan: 263
Typ: Sammlermarken
geboren: 1795
gestorben: 1878

Text Fagan 263:

Aimé Charles Horace His de la Salle. 1795— 1878. 85, Rue d’Amsterdam, Paris. Sales, Paris, Prints, April 21st, 1856, 53,840 francs. Prints and Drawings, &c., January 10th (3 days), 1881. The bulk of his Collection of Drawings was deposited in the Louvre, February 19th, 1878, a month and a few days before his death. There was, in 1879, a Sale at Sotheby’s of his Collection of Medals and Bronzes.


Fagan, Luis: Collectors' Marks, London 1883

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