Sir Hans Sloane

Objektnummer: 2645
Fagan: 268
Typ: Sammlermarken
geboren: 1660
gestorben: 1753

Text Fagan 268:

Sir Hans Sloane,Bart., P.R.S. 1660-1753. The project of a Public Museum was first suggested by the Will of Sir Hans Sloane, of Chelsea, who had accumulated a very large Collection of Natural and Artificial Curiosities, together with a numerous Library of printed Books, as well as MSS.; and who, being very solicitous that this collection, de­ clared to have cost upwards of £ 50,000, should be preserved entire, directed that the whole should be offered to the British Government for £ 20,000. The offer was accepted without hesitation. It consisted of the Library of Printed Books, MSS., Prints, Drawings, Coins, Medals, Cameos, Intaglios, Anatomical pre­parations of human bodies, Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Amphibia, Crustacea, Gfc., fite., &*c.


Fagan, Luis: Collectors' Marks, London 1883

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